Autogen Limited was an Australian biotechnology company established in 1996 to identify novel therapeutic targets for common human diseases through gene discovery and validation, but changed its name to AGT Biosciences on March 19, 2003. For any question about debt consolidation visit Consolidation Deal . Bad Credit Deal helps with bad credit car loans and other bad credit loans. If you are after life insurance quotes or income protection quotes, you can get the from lifedeal – Australian income protection & life insurance quotes provider


  • To identify novel genes and gene products as targets for pharmacological therapy of common diseases.
  • To form early partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for commercializing the outcomes of discovery programs.


  • Employed more than 50 scientists at several sites.
  • Had research programs in Diabetes & Obesity and Depression & Anxiety.
  • Over forty genes under patent protection in our Diabetes & Obesity program.
  • New Human Genetics Program and Center for Statistical Genetics.
  • Strategic alliance for the Diabetes & Obesity program with Merck-Lipha s.a., a subsidiary of Merck KGaA.


  • Internationally-recognized scientists from leading academic institutions in Australia and the USA.
  • Research programs directed at identifying and validating genes involved in common human diseases including obesity, diabetes, depression and anxiety.
  • Validated animal models of human disease.
  • Databases of genetically distinct human populations.
  • Proven technology platform.
  • Substantial Intellectual Property portfolio.
  • Strong scientific and commercial management.


  • Identification of human diseases with high commercial potential.
    Inclusion criteria are:
  • High prevalence.
  • Polygenic nature of disease.
  • Poor-management of disease with existing agents.
  • Well-planned gene discovery program.
  • Rigorous validation of candidate genes.
  • Patent any new gene discoveries and maintain a strong intellectual property position.


  • Develop our products to a stage where they can generate maximum revenue through commercialization opportunities.
  • Timed formation of relationships with international pharmaceutical companies to develop products for world drug markets.

    Terms of the agreements cover initial funding, defined milestone payments and royalties.

  • Establish collaborations for the use of our health databases and technologies.
  • Participation in commercialization.


This proven technology platform supports all of our gene discovery programs. eXpress provides a high throughput system for identifying new genes with capabilities from sample collection to structural and functional characterization of new gene products.

eXpress encompasses:

  • differential screening based on robotic gene chip microarrays.
  • genotyping.
  • bioinformatics.
  • gene expression.
  • protein and antibody production.
  • in vitro expression.
  • protein-protein interactions.
  • animal studies.


Over forty novel gene sequences associated with diabetes and obesity are currently under patent protection.

So far, two of these have achieved major milestones with our pharmaceutical partners and are entering the next phase of preclinical development.

Beacon – involved in the regulation of food intake and body weight.

Tanis – codes for a Serum Amyloid A receptor, involved in the body’s response to fasting and in the regulation of glucose and fat metabolism.

Our newly validated animal model for depression and anxiety provides a unique opportunity for identifying genes involved in these diseases.